Firas Nassri is a Syrian-Canadian musician, artist and producer based in Montreal. Through his music, he wishes to explore concepts of identity, culture and the meaning of creativity. Drawing his inspiration
from his origins, he strives to create an art that reflects his multidimensional identity.

Firas began his musical journey in Montreal with the electronic music project Beige-À-Coeur, with whom he performed in several festivals and released 2 EPs, ‘’1986’’ and then ‘’Moonshine’’, for which the band won an award for the best Electronic at GAMIQ 2020.

In 2021, he released La Levantine, an 8 songs album, composed and produced with a single intention in mind; exploring bridges between electronic music and oriental influences. Each song tells the story of a
desire to build connections between cultures and influences from around the world – while exploring new sound textures and new forms of composition.

Awards and distinctions
Award of the best Electronic EP of the Year Award in 2020.
Recipient of the Development Grant in 2021
Recipient of a grant for and creation grant in 2022